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Wine Blog Award Finalists Are Coming…

by Tom Wark on July 16, 2012

Stay tuned. The finalists in the 2012 Wine Blog Awards are about to be announced.

If all goes well, on Wednesday of this week the finalists in 9 categories will be announced in the 2012 Wine Blog Awards. Our 17 judges have been very hard at work going through the 500+ nominees that were submitted this year. This is not an easy job and it takes considerable time to evaluate the various wine blogs that are nominated.

Once the five finalists in each category are announced, the public will be asked to vote. This will be followed up by input from the judges and the winners will be announced at the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference in August in Portland.

So, bloggers…keep your eyes peeled for the nominations. You may be among them. Fans of wine blogs…you too keep your eyes peeled as this will be your chance to weigh in and tell use which blogs you believe deserve to get the awards in 2012.