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The Finalists in the 2012 Wine Blog Awards Are Announced

by Tom Wark on July 18, 2012


Click the “VOTE” button below to vote for your favorites in 9 categories: Voting will continue through July 26th at 11:59pm when the polls will close.

Best Blog Post of the Year

We’re excited to present a first for the Wine Blog Awards.  This new award is for outstanding examples of feature writing on a wine blog. The award winning post might address industry issues, wine travel, personality profiles or any other aspect of wine. However, the judging criteria will focus on  quality of the writing, the expression of the blogger’s unique voice and insightful expression by the writer.


Best Original Photography or Video on a Wine Blog


Best Industry/Business Wine Blog:



Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog:


Best Single Subject Wine Blog:


Best Winery Blog:


Best Writing On a Wine Blog:


Best New Wine Blog:


Best Overall Wine Blog:


  • Fredric Koeppel

    the voting page says that voting goes through July 24th, not the 26th

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  • Alder Yarrow


    Honored to be a finalist, but I have a suggestion — you should make the vote button look a lot more like a button. It doesn’t look clickable, and people will miss it.

  • patrickjohner

    Thanks Alder… I was actually looking for the Link and didn’t realise that it’s actually that fancy Logo…

  • Jim Budd

    Very honored to be a finalist, although it would be good to have an additional ‘d’ to my surname please?  

  • Paul Gregutt

    Surprised and pleased to be on the Finalist list. But… “single subject”? One Trick Pony maybe, but I think there are at least two subjects!

  • lisamattson

    I’m trying to post a blog post about voting. Should we use July 26 as the close date? Please advise ASAP!

    Also, I don’t see any listing about how much weight is placed on votes vs. judges. Is it 50% again?

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  • Tom Wark


    Yes. 11:59pm on July 26.

  • Vinogirl

    Honoured to be nominated, thank you.

  • I’m honored to be a finalist. There are many fine writers, here. Congratulations to all.

  • 1WineDude

    Congrats all!

    Now, somebody please change that Vote button, none of us is running for Congress…

  • Honored to be nominated and enjoying viewing the work of all the nominees.

  • Red AND White?

  • Brian Kraemer

    Thrilled to be a finalist. Can’t wait to see everyone in Oregon and read some great blogs in the meantime. 

  • Monique Soltani

    It is such an honor for to be a finalist!  We are in great company!  Congrats to all those who were nominated and best of luck to each and everyone of the finalists!  Cheers! Monique:)

  • I’m proud and honored to be surrounded by such impressive talent.  Congratulations and good luck to you all! With the clink of a glass, cheers!

  • Pamela Heiligenthal

    Totally stoked and honored to be among one of the nominees among many great blogs. 

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  • Ken & Theresa Hoggins

    We are delighted to be nominated as a finalist for the “Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog” award.

  • Bill Smart

    We too are honored to be nominated along side these top wine blogs.   It’s a wonderful group!

  • Changed…

  • Fixed on the blog.  I’ll check the survey.

  • Changed… thanks

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  • Christopher Watkins

    A hearty cheers to all the finalists! And, a special nod of respect and admiration to our fellow nominees in the Best Overall and Best Winery Blog categories. As a winery blogger, I am accordingly both a contributor to, and advocate for, the wine blog form, and as such, these are uniquely gratifying nominations. I am proud to stand up amongst those who are such gifted contributors to a form I deeply believe in.

    On behalf of both myself, and the winery I proudly represent, another hearty cheers to all!

    And lastly, and most importantly, thanks to everyone who voted us into this fine pantheon!


    Christopher Watkins
    Host: “4488: A Ridge Blog”

  • iloveriesling

    Delighted and shocked to be a finalist & congrats to all fellow finalists.  

    Just a quick heads up – the link to my site is not working correctly.

  • Fixed.  Thanks for letting me know.

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  • 1winedude


  • Heathermcgruder

    I am very surprised that a blog by Courtney Rich did not get selected as a finalist in either of the following two categories:
    Best Original Photography or Video on a Wine Blog
    Best New Wine Blog 
    Her quick wit coupled with her passion for wine clearly come through in her writing.  And the photography are to die for.  I found her style to be quite refreshing.  Shame on all of those that can not spot true talent.  Better luck next year Courtney.

  • LInda Ellis

    I am a 59 yr old married female living in So. CA. who believe it or not is new to the wine scene. I decided to visit my local wine store with the idea to try a new wine each week. It didn”t take long to realize that I was in over my head. Going home empty handed, I knew that I needed to go on line for help. While surfing different sites and blogs I came across a most delightful and informative blog, At first I was drawn to the photos and Courtney’s quirky sence of humor. After following her blog for months I realized she takes wine seriously and really knows her stuff. I am never dissappointed when buying the various wines she suggests in her blog.
    Therefore, much to my supprise and dissappointment, I did not find her blog among the finalists in any of the nominated categorys. It is a common belief among non wine drinkers that “wine enthusiast” are snobbish, boring, and stuck! It’s obvious the judges could not see beyond the cloud of redundant themes and acknowledge the breath of fresh air that would have brought to these awards..

  • 1winedude

    Linda – I’m also bummed at the omission of Courtney’s blog, & several other blogs that weren’t finalists this year (Steve Heimoff’s comes to mind immediately). And some perennial high-traffic wine blogs, like CheapWineRatings and Rick Bakas’ blog are missing, too.

    But I think that “cloud of redundant themes” is too harsh a criticism for the New Blog and Image/Vid category finalists. As much as the omissions bum me out, that doesn’t take away from the good work being done by those whose blogs were included.

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