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Profiling The Wine Blog Award Judges #2: The Editors

by Tom Wark on June 21, 2012

A good editor does more than find a typo, fix the awkward turn of phrase or re-order the poorly placed paragraphs in a story submitted by a writer. In fact, the great editors are those who can spot a compelling story, who can identify an excellent writer and convince them to write for them, who knows their audience and gives them what they want.

These are also the trait of great bloggers, who most often must be the publisher, writer AND editor of their work.

It’s for this reason that the Wine Blog Awards were determined to have great editors represented on the judging panel and who would train their editorial eyes on the work of bloggers. We got just that in the form of two very experienced editors from the wine world.


Cyril Penn
Cyril has been the Editor-in-Chief of Wine Business Monthly, Wine Business Insider and since 2005. As one of the best read and most important trade publications in the wine industry, Wine Business sets an important agenda for the industry. Cyril is behind that agenda. His choices as to what the Wine Business outlets will cover help industry folks understand trends, the most important new services and products, and the most important developments that will affect the lives of industry workers. Additionally, Cyril has made it a point of highlighting the work of wine bloggers on a daily basis by issue links to the most important trade related stories published on blogs.

W. R. Tish
Known to most as simply “Tish”, this editor brings a long history of writing about wine and editing wine content to his current position as Editor of Beverage Media. Tish cut his teeth in the wine publishing business with ten years at the Wine Enthusiast Magazine as its Editor, playing a key role in shaping the consumer-oriented stories thousands of wine lovers would read. Tish began his editing careers at Harvard where he was a literary editor of the Harvard Lampoon. He’s authored a blog, written numerous freelance articles, and is a speaker and consultant in the New York area. Today, Tish oversees all editorial content at Beverage Media, a publication closely read by the wine trade across the country.