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2016 Wine Blog Awards Schedule Announced

by Allan on March 1, 2016

The 2016 Wine Blog Awards will be conducted based on the following schedule.

Nomination Period April 1 – 15
Judging April 16 – May 15
Public Vote May 16 – 31
Announce Winners June 15
Present Awards at WBC in Lodi August 11-14

This is the second year we will announce the winners in advance of the Wine Bloggers Conference, giving winners time to make arrangements to attend in person to receive their award at the evening Award Ceremony and to take part in a Panel of Wine Blog Award Winners.

This timing worked very well last year, as we had four of the seven award winners participate at the conference.

For more information on the Wine Blog Awards, please see the very detailed explanations on the Awards Process, Judging Process, and award Categories on this website. To stay notified at each stage of the process, please add your email to the Stay Up To Date box to the right.

If you are interested in sponsorship of the Wine Blog Awards, please contact us.

  • Jason Haas

    Thanks for the update! Is there any chance you would consider re-separating the Best Winery Blog and Best Industry Blog categories? I think that both have enough contributors to be worthy of recognition, and while there are wineries who write about the industry enough to be considered in both categories, I don’t think it’s difficult to tell them apart. Thanks for considering!

  • allanwright

    Jason, I can definitely see this going both ways. We made this change after a big online survey of the community and this was one of the strong recommendations we received. I believe the previous definitions were perhaps not clear enough, which might have contributed to the problem. I’ll run this past my co-organizer, although it might be too late for this year.

  • Steven Pisarkiewicz

    Please provide the proper email address where public nominations should be sent.

  • allanwright

    Steven, when we announce the open nomination period you’ll be able to do it right from this website. No emailing necessary.