Following are the eight categories for the Wine Blog Awards. To be eligible, a blog must have posted consistently and frequently during the preceding year, which means approximately 24 or more times over the preceding 12 months, with two exceptions:

  1. Best New Wine Blog, which must have been established no earlier than one year prior to the start of the nomination period.
  2. Best Blog Post of the Year, which is focused on a singularly exceptional piece of work within a blog.

Industry wine blogs (those promoting a winery or other wine industry business) are only eligible for the Best Winery Blog and Best Wine Business Blog categories. All other categories are reserved for Citizen Wine Bloggers, defined as those not promoting a winery or other wine industry business.

Best Blog Post of the Year

This award is for outstanding examples of feature writing on a wine blog. The award winning post might address industry issues, wine travel, personality profiles or any other aspect of wine. However, the judging criteria will focus on  quality of the writing, the expression of the blogger’s unique voice, and insightful description by the writer.


  1. Should be a single post (or single story broken into multiple posts for readability) written within the past year from the opening of the nomination period and expressing a unique point of view about wine, life related to wine, or another wine-related experience.
  2. Should be a distinguished example of quality blog writing that conveys an original and insightful exploration of a wine-related topic.
  3. Grammar and punctuation count.

Best Original Photography or Video on a Wine Blog


  1. Should present a compelling visual experience for readers using original graphics, photography, or works of art, both throughout the site format and in individual posts.
  2. Should have made an extra effort to present its subject matter in a highly visual and graphic manner that is both entertaining, educational, and thought provoking.

Best Winery Blog


  1. Should have done an outstanding job of using the blog format to convey the unique nature of a particular winery.
  2. Should have used the blog to create a more intimate connection between consumers and the winery.
  3. This is one of two categories open to industry blogs; all other categories are only open to Citizen Wine Blogs.

Best Wine Business Blog


  1. Should have done an outstanding job of using the blog format to convey the unique nature of a particular wine industry business other than a winery.
  2. Should have used the blog to create a more intimate connection between consumers and the wine industry business.
  3. This is one of two categories open to industry blogs; all other categories are only open to Citizen Wine Blogs.

Best Single Subject Wine Blog


  1. Should have as the focus of the blog a single, relatively narrow subject such as a country, a single appellation, a single varietal or type of wine, retailing, wine tourism, one aspect of the business of wine or any other narrow focus that seeks to consistently illuminate that specific single subject.
  2. Should demonstrate a command of, or expertise in, the single subject upon which it focuses.
  3. Should be among the best sources of information in any genre for information on the chosen subject matter.

Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog


  1. Should put the English language to great use in describing wine.
  2. Should write with a demonstrably original voice that conveys a personal style, all while describing wine.

Best New Wine Blog


  1. Should have the first blog entry posted no earlier than one year before the nomination period begins.
  2. Should have already made or show potential to make an impact on the worlds of wine or wine blogging via its reporting, writing, number of followers, etc.
  3. Should present a credible appearance as a serious new entry in the realm of wine blogging, based on graphics, title, depth of posts, etc.

Best Overall Wine Blog


  1. Should continually produce entertaining and educational information.
  2. Should contain well-written prose and well produced posts.
  3. Should demonstrate independent and original ideas and insights.
  4. Should be of such high quality overall it can compete with any other wine information resources in any other medium.
  5. Should be able in its overall form, content and presentation to advance the reputation of the wine blogging genre.
  • I'll spread around ..
    Insider from Bordeaux

  • While I think each of these categories is certainly important, I also think there is an additional category that has been overlooked; one focusing on the topic of wine & food. None of these categories stress the importance that food plays in the world of wine. Although many blogs that will be nominated for various listed categories do offer suggested food pairings with wine in their write ups, I think few offer an in depth discussion as to why particular wines go with specific foods. I think it may add value to recognize blogs who successfully integrate the wine and food world together, as I often find myself drawn to read blogs that focus on the two topics together.

  • I've was an early advocate of the wine blogger conference & appreciate its evolution. However, the awards didn't get on my radar until they were announced in 2009. As I watched at the conference, I realized I was confused about the term “wine blog”. At first I thought it was all about folks reviewing wine or the nascent winery blogs. I wasn't sure for a long time if Girl with a Glass would qualify as a wine blog. (Although I appreciated that my blog was pictured in 2009 in the category of good presentation/graphics at the conference. Thank you very much!)

    Review & retail sites are strong but I don't think anyone is really leading the pack yet in the travel category (promoting wine country). I also like the idea of the wine/food pairing category.

  • For pete's sake let's please lose the Best Graphical Presentation category. 99% of all wine blogs use some repurposed or purchased template that they've customized. A few of us have custom designs but really, they're not that great and certainly not enough to justify an award. That leaves people who do “interesting things” with images, and frankly there aren't any.

    This has been the weakest and most inconsistent category of the wine blog awards since their inception, save perhaps the initial nod to Chateau Petrogasm for their inspired idea of image based wine reviews. Now that we've been there and done that, let's drop this sad, wet dog of a category and move on. Please.


    For perhaps some more constructive ideas. How about a “best single post” award? I think there are some real gems out there that deserve to be recognized.

  • I proposed a Best Post category a looooong time ago, so I'm in strong support of that one – great way to highlight a single discussion on an important topic form the past year, or award a particularly great piece of writing/coverage. Cheers!

  • I think you should keep the best graphical representation. I see Alder's point but I also am visually offended by a lot of crapola out there and would like to see folks reach a little. Btw, far and wide I get comments all the time about the look & feel of my blog (thanks to the professional designer who did it), people are refreshed by it and frankly, it keeps them on my site longer and enhances my point/mission. I can''t promote the lifestyle I'm promoting with an ugly house.

  • Alana, no disrespect to you or your site, which looks nice, but then this category becomes “who paid the most or got the best designer to design their site?” What does that have to do with wine, blogging, or wineblogging? Don't all the major journalism awards in the world focus on content?

  • Communicating does not just mean putting words together. It also means communicating through graphics. And just because a person may spend money on the appearance of their blog, that doesn't take away from the fact that the appearance and graphic design is an outstanding design and does an outstanding job of communicating.

    Design impacts the effectiveness and meaning of any blog.

  • Im positive that many journalism awards that go to various newspapers have a design component.

  • Sure, but in my opinion, not enough for there to be an award for it.

  • lisamattson

    Would video content qualify under Best Wine Blog Graphics, Photography, & Presentation?

  • allanwright

    Lisa, in previous years the category of best video blog was specifically dropped from the awards. However, I could certainly see video applying under “presentation”.

  • lisamattson

    Thanks. Because our vlog has only be live since Feb. 1, I guess I'll have to wait until next year. 🙂

  • winebratsf

    Although Miss Lisa your video content ROCKS IT. could we have a best industry video blog? 😉

  • SIP

    Check out SIP OF SPOKANE. I know, Spokane? Who knew? or
    I'd love some feedback.

  • lisamattson

    Allan says that the video category was removed. Best graphics and presentation might cover video. I hope they bring back the video category in 2011. 🙂

  • winebratsf

    Here here! Bring back the video cat! Though I can see why it's removed, there are so few mostly video blogs. 😉

  • Tom, please sit down for a second. Okay, nice and comfy? Good, because I have to tell you that I agree with you 100%. Not only is design incredibly important, but if an award like this can get people to stop using standard templates and put some effort into their look and feel, this could be the most important category of all in the long run.

  • I think its a good idea, one of the biggest struggles is the judging process of doing that. This year the challenge for us was getting up to speed on running the awards as Tom transitioned away and getting more deserving international blogs involved. Those incremental changes were challenging and I'm taking a beating as it is. Improvements will be made incrementally and in a controlled fashion (and now that voting/judging is done, I'm glad I took that approach because it would've otherwise been an unwieldy process to learn on the fly while changing stuff!).

    Joe did suggest it and I like the idea. I'm also open to how to judge such a thing. There could be literally hundreds of posts submitted just in that category! With really only a low percentage being actually worth the time. But I'm open to it.

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  • Nominating Richard Auffrey at http://passionatefoodie.blogsp… for best single subject coverage of Sake

  • I am nominating Adam Japko at for the best overall wine blog. I have been to allot of wine blogs and Adam's blog always delivers the information I need to keep current on the latest wine trends. All his recommendations on wine have never failed me yet.

  • Josh Wade

    You should make these titles hyperlinks to the category posts 🙂


  • Joe

    I agree on the hyperlinks to nominate for each category. Make it easy on folks so that they can make an easy nomination.

  • Susie B

    I am nominating http://vinsanity-vino.blogspot… for best photography by Vinogirl.

  • Todd

    I would like to add 
    Russ Kane's blog is a great resource of knowledge for the Texas wine
    induestry.  A lot is written about Texas wines, vineyards, wine events
    and current legislation issues.  It is not entirely Texas though, there
    are many blog entries about wine and experiences the he has
    encountered.  Great read.Best Single Subject Blog – Texas Wine!

  • I agree.  As a Texas winemaker and owner of Messina Hof Winery in Bryan Texas, Russ has been a valuable source of information for Texas Wine.
    Paul Bonarrigo

  • Its a pity people are not aware of this advice service. Its a jungle out
    there for many consumers and informed independent advice is a valuable

    I would be good to see some advice success stories the media.

  • sözlük

    net aleminin kemirgen sözlü?ü

  • as media world has become better, so it's important to be a better blogger.

  • Jason

    You should probably look at best blogger tools as another category. In Oregon there are a lot of bloggers using The Oregon Wine Network tool called dotCal to show complete and accurate event calendars. The calendar data is aggregated from the wineries websites. 100% automated events calendars. We all know bloggers want events calendars but they have been too time consuming to manage until now.
    Here are a few examples:

  • feel free to nominate for your wine travel category.  🙂    

    to be continued…

  • leland

    awesome list! Checkers has the best wine list.. def my first stop before going to the liquor store

  • Editorialist

    Could you clarify whether “preceding year”, particularly for individual posts, means appearing in the preceding calendar year 2012, or in the preceding twelve months (March 2012 – March 2013)?

  • Ener Comes

    i don’t know if there are some kind of nomination to wine gifts or something, I mean pages like deserve a nomination too!

  • Mary

    I would suggest as a colorful wine blog

  • Uncorked Monthly is a great blog and is under development building an innovative consumer wine platform that will change how we explore and search for wines.

  • Angelica

    I’d like to nominate, Christopher Caplan’s dynamic and discerning blog, to the Best Overall Wine Blog category.

  • ediz

    I’am nominating to “The Best Overall Wine Blog” category.

  • La Casa de Antociano

    So, year after year I ask the same.
    When you going to add new categories like Best Wine blog in no english lenguage?.

  • citypeekpatti

    How can I enter please? Cheers.

  • can i enter please? blogs world of wines and you by richard miller

  • William

    I nominate for best blog post

  • James

    I nominate for “Best Single Subject Wine Blog”. It’s all about Prosecco.

  • Jon

    i nominate for best writing on a wine blog

  • Luca

    I nominate for Best Single Subject Wine Blog.

  • good collection of sites

  • Kiki