Awards Process

Please note the 2017 Wine Bloggers Conference will take place November 9 – 12 in Santa Rosa, California. We will update the 2017 awards process below in the coming months. Below is an outline of the 2016 Wine Blog Awards process:

  • The awards are open to any English-language wine blog located anywhere in the world.
  • The nomination period runs from April 1 – 15. Nominations are open to the public and will be made via this website. A person nominating a blog will be required to refer to three sample posts that exemplify the blog. To be apprised of nomination periods and other news, simply add your email in the Stay Up to Date box to the right (or add your blog to our Complete List of Wine Blogs).
  • A panel of expert judges will evaluate all the nominated blogs for each category and will select the top five blogs in each category. These judges are all volunteers and put in loads of hours reviewing the many nominated blogs.
  • The public will be given the opportunity to vote for the finalists of each category in from June 2-13
  • Each category winner will be chosen based on 50% of the input coming from the judges and 50% coming from the public vote.
  • The awards will be announced on June 15th via a blog post on this site, almost two months prior to the Wine Bloggers Conference.
  • Winners in attendance at the 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference will receive their physical awards in a special Wine Blog Awards Ceremony at the conference and sit on a panel of award winners.
  • Caroline

    Can you clarify the timeframe for nominations. Above it says, “The nomination period will start a couple months before the conference and run April 21st to April 28th. Nominations are open to the public”

    However the email I received said “April 28 – May 2nd – Public Submissions will open on this site where you’ll be able to submit your favorite wine blog for consideration”

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  • It would have been nice to receive an email announcing the finalists so that people could review and vote. That, I think, had been done previously.

  • allanwright

    We are behind schedule; waiting for results from judges. We will indeed have a public vote and send out an email. I have changed the schedule to adjust it later by 15 days.

  • WineSnark

    Hmm, what happens when the popular vote goes one way and the judges go the other? What’s the tie breaking rule?

  • allanwright

    There is rarely a tie, since there are five (or more) finalists per category. So instead of just picking a or b, both the judges and public rate from a to e. In the case of a tie, judges’ vote decides as per our written rules on judging.

  • elena tuscany

    what about bilingual blogs? Can a blog written in italian with an english summary be nominated?

  • allanwright

    Bilingual blogs are certainly included. If the English is only a short summary, that might not work. The judges need to be able to read the blog.

  • elena tuscany

    why don’t you insert “best foreign blog” nomination then ? :)))

  • Penny Sadler

    So is there going to be a 2016 contest?

  • allanwright

    Of course! We have just set the dates and will be announcing shortly.

  • Hello,

    my blog is written in Italian, but the translator is present in several languages and later also outside Italy.

    I know that with Google automatic translator can not always grasp the grammatical nuances, but for the moment I can not implement a professional translation.

    Yet I would keep a lot to participate, it is possible?

  • allanwright

    Chiara, at this point the Wine Blog Awards are only open to English-language blogs, primarily because of the logistical issues of trying to judge blogs in other languages. I don’t think Google Translate is going to do your site justice.

  • but google translate is used with success, so much so that I have thousands of foreign readers browsing this site over 5 pages per session ( a very high number ) and remain on the website also more than 10 minutes . Google translate is not perfect , but it works well and I can testify with the statistics:

  • allanwright

    Chiara, you are welcome to submit your English language site and let the judges decide.

  • Hi, in the award process above it says that for the nominations..”A person nominating a blog will be required to state why he or she
    thinks the blog should win the award and refer to three sample posts
    that exemplify the blog.” The online submission form has the defined 3 fields for the URLs but does not have a field to enter “why he or she thinks the blog should win the award”. Has this requirement been eliminated or is there another way to submit this information. We have had a few nominators ask us this question. Please respond ASAP so we can instruct others. Thanks.

  • Mtweve,L

    please is my blog be nominated?