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Nominate Now: Best Writing On a Wine Blog

by Allan on April 1, 2010

Please nominate a blog for this award by adding a comment below. Criteria: 1) Should put the English language to great use. 2) Should write with a demonstrably original voice that conveys a personal style. 3) Should

consistently demonstrate a command of the English language to convey original, insightful and entertaining messages.

  • I'm admittedly not a wine aficionado.I've got very basic likes, & not particularly exciting ones..This doesn't stop me from enjoying what I think is the best wine blog I've come across..Joe & Amy Power write with such an easy style.I can imagine being there, & it's how they talk.They're interesting,funny, down to earth, & extremely knowledgeable.. I've actually begun to try wines that before I wouldn't even have. I have gone by & scoped out other wine bloggers..While they're good, my favorite,hands down are Joe & Amy~

  • Stacey Fujimura

    I doublely nominate Clive Pursehouse as the “best wine blog writer” due to his ability to drink lots of wine and clearly write about it. As a matter of fact, Clive is so good at what he does, everyone else should just bow out. Cheers to Clive and The Oregon Wine Blog!

  • peaches

    Fermentation by Tom Wark is the best by far.

  • Huge fan of Frank Morgan's Drink What You Like.
    It's fun, funny, occasionally snarky, while at the same time you get solid wine criticism that’s approachable and entertaining.

  • Thanks, Deb! 🙂

  • Neil

    Best Writing on a Wine Blog award should go to Rob and Corks + Caftans (

    It's mindblowingly descriptive, funny, anecdotal, and on the mark. Wonderfully written and edited. [The photography is also out of this world.] He writes it as part of a husband and wife team (she writes about fashion) and they are really taking off with local and national press. But his descriptions of the wines he drinks wear the crown; it's quite an addictive little blog.

  • I love Rob's blog at Corks and Caftans!
    Great photos, great knowledgeable writing and very personable.

  • Taylor

    Rob from Corks and Caftans,

    Wonderfully written reviews and great photography.

  • titomcgovern

    Rob from Corks and Caftans!

  • Cami

    If you are not following Rob from Corks and Caftans, you are truly missing something special. The writing makes you want to rush out and buy every bottle that gets his seal of approval and the photos are gorgeous. Plus, you're guaranteed many laughs. Always looking forward to the next post!

  • cjow

    Writing that keeps me coming back for more! Rob knows his stuff when it comes to wine, but the stories about finding a special bottle by accident, chasing down a little known wine, and photos of the dinners he and his wife Carey whip up give it the personal touch.

  • oliveshoot

    Rob at Corks n Caftans ( has a fabulously witty and indulgent way of sharing his knowledge of wines. Not only does he provide a wealth of knowledge into the vino culture, he also shares personal, witty, and offbeat stories that make this blog worth coming back to. best writing on a wine blog you'll find anywhere!

  • cc

    Rob from Corks & Caftans makes me want to drink wine.

  • Caroline

    Rob from Corks + Caftans has a brilliant voice and consistently rates wines within my price range, which makes it helpful. His suggested pairings are also usually great. I enjoy everything about the blog, not just the wine reviews.

  • i am relatively new to this whole wine thing, but(!), happily(!!) rob from corks+caftans makes wine accessible, and, well, awesome. he's both sweet and hilarious…and about wine! who knew?! he makes me want the wine he reviews…like, the run-out-and-buy it kind of want…and, it does not help that his wife makes me want all her clothes (yeah, the run-to-the-internet-and click it kind of want). my favorite blog right now. hands down.

  • Ed Freeman

    Some of the best wine writing has to be at Burke Morton's which is full of posts that are great fun to read. He also uses some wicked humor, and presents interesting perspectives. He often embeds secondary meanings in his writing, so I sometimes go back to reread some of his posts just to get a little more out of them.

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  • Anonymous

    I may be too late but it's only 11 p.m. on April 7 here in Calgary, Canada. I'd like to nominate Uncorked in Calgary — written by a professional journalist with a master's degree in journalism as well as her intermediate WSET certificate. It's an unpretentious, useful and entertaining mix of interviews, reviews, news. The blog is on the Calgary Herald website, at

  • doucheweasel

    Asimov's blog has been folded under a different feature. With that, his blogroll has disappeared.

    A blogroll and the reciprocal exchange of links is an intrinsic part of a blog. Now, it's just an online food and drink section and NOT a blog.

    I don't think The Pour should be eligible – no matter the author or quality of writing.

  • eric

    Hardy Wallace, that's who!

  • Libby Becker

    i was so lucky to find this blog and have shared it with everyone that i could think of that enjoys wine….which is everyone that i know. it is and the man behind the creativity is John Corcoran. hands down the most interesting wine industry blog that i have found.

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  • tkoby11

    The Best Writing On a Wine Blog should go to:

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  • Anonymous

    Here's a new blog. There are not many posts yet but the blogger seems to know whats up! http://comethoumonarchofthevin

  • Anonymous

    Check out Aussie Sommelier, Tom Hogan, and his blog