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Nominate Now: Best Winery Blog 2011

by Allan on May 25, 2011

Please nominate a blog

for this award by adding a comment below. Criteria: 1) Should have done an outstanding job of using the blog format to convey the unique nature of a working winery. 2) Should have used the blog to create a more intimate connection between consumers and the winery.

  • Bill Smart

    I'd like to nominate Wilma's Wine World.

  • Brian

    I nominate the Kendall-Jackson Winery Blog:

  • Jordan Vineyard's blog
    Ponzi Vineyards' blog

  • I nominate Randall Grahm's excellent Been Doon So Long Blog:

  • lisamattson

    Thanks for the nomination, Lori.

  • Brian

    Bruliam Wines –

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  • Salina Littleton
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  • Kellywelly68

    The Virginia 2010 Vintage – A year through the eyes of a local winemaker – by Jeff White –

  • jeffisrad
  • Maggie60661

    I would like to nominate Wilma's Wine World for best wine blog eva!


    I've been very impressed with the work Kim Stare Wallace (of
    Wilma's Wine World) has done with her wine blog over the years. She really
    brings you closer to what it's really like to own & operate a winery. I
    love how she gives examples of her personal experiences of what she likes most
    & least about running a winery. She also describes how running a winery can
    affect her personal life & how these experiences can relate to our own
    lives. She's funny, engaging, intelligent, hard-working, open & sensitive
    to criticism, open to new ideas, listens to her readers, encourages feed-back,
    & works at improving her readers experience in reading her blog.  I
    also like how her photos & images relate to how she feels when she writes
    her blogs. I don't believe there's a better wine blog out there than Wilma's
    Wine World.

  • nec spe nec metu

    I nominate Bastianich, for no other reason than seeing kendall jackson
    nominated beforehand.

  • Melanie Shammout

    I nominate Il Palazzone’s wine blog

  • For deep insights into vineyard life, no one beats Tablas Creek, so we nominate them.

    Happy to see our friends at Jordan and Bonny Doon here as well, our other top picks.

  • Drgarydaniel

    I want to nominate Kim Wallace for Wilmas Wine World Blog.  I feel her writing is the most original and authentic I have read.  Love it ane find it is informative and funny and real.

  • J D

    I would like to nominate WilmasWineWorld by Kim Stare Wallace for the best Winery Blog of 2011.  Her insights into the world inside and behind the scenes of a family run winery enlightens those of us who only see through wine tinted glasses.  Her last blog even covered the challenges of finances for a winery, very personal and informative.

  • Joyce Perrelli
    Beautiful, informative web site with timely blog posts (… and a pinch of humor, bringing awareness to the wonderful wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains

  • Bill

    I'd like to nominate Villa Del Monte winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They produce wonderful wines and the staff couldn't be nicer and this is wonderfully reflected in their blog and their connectivity with their customer base. There is a sense of community from them which I've seldom felt with any other winery. From their blog you can almost smell the aromas and taste the flavors of their wines. I strongly recommend them for this award. (
    Bill Colbran, Los Gatos, Ca

  • Don

    Randall Graham's Bonny Doon Winery blog.

  • Don

    Russ Kane's wine blog

  • Neil
    great site easy to use and lots of information for consumers

  • Justin

    My favorite wine blog is because it is written with creative, engaging prose focusing on the overall winery tasting room experience – not just tasting notes of the wine.

  • John Lopresti

    I am glad to see a lot of commenters nominating Wilma's Wine World blog.  It's a winery executive's site which is funny and realistic; students in business school or studying in degree programs for enology and viticulture can visit her website for glimpses of what might be in their own future careers.

    However, there are also many technically well produced winery sites which I hope the awards committee could research autonomously, independent of needing a recommender.  There is a lot of value in winery sites; finding them and pursuing the information suggestions they provide probably would be easier for the casual visitor if the WineBlogAwards had the option of suggesting executive committee's own discoveries each year among winery blogs.

  • – The Unoaked Chardonnay blog is one of the best I have seen and read.  They do an outstanding job of conveying tasting notes on all the Unoaked Chardonnays they taste.  The photos are outstanding too.

  • This doesn't appear to be a winery blog…

  • The Journey of Jordan:

  • Jon Orlin

    I nominate winefashionista –

  • Alan Kaplan

    I would like to nominate for its outstanding contributions to the field of wine tasting.  Eric Guido is th best of the the best.

  • #WineBlogAwards I would like to nominate

  • <ah href=””>…</ah>

  • not a winery…

  • Agreed. Joe's cool, but I'm certain even he would admit he's not a winery.

  • Thanks – I can confirm that I am, in fact, not a winery! 😉

  • Russ Kane


    I accept you nomination, but is not a winery blog. I am a citizen blogger with no winery affiliation. Perhaps this nomination could be moved to best blog or blog writing, or single subject.

    It's up to you and the organizers.

    Russ Kane

  • I would like to nominate the following:

    1. Cornerstone Cellar's Craig Camps Wine Camp Blog

    2. Twisted Oak's El Bloggo Torcido

    3. John M. Kelly's Notes from The Winemaker

    4. Goosecross Cellars (Great Podcasts!)

  • Dary

    I would like to nominate http://www.montesquieuwinelove… for Best Winery Blog 2011.  Truly unique look inside the wine world with engaging writing and a very personal touch to the stories.

  • allanwright

    After much debate by the judges over three days, we have decided not to include Joe in the Best Winery Blog category.

  • Jo Diaz

    Very funny!

  • OMG, this is such bigoted, philistine BULLSH*T!!!  May the fleas of 1,000 vineyard sheep infest your armpits, you sacks of BioDynamic treatments, you!!!

    On second thought, that's cool with me.  Cheers!


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