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Nominate Now: Best Single Subject Wine Blog

by Allan on April 1, 2010

Please nominate a blog for this award by adding a comment below. Criteria: 1) Should have as the focus of the blog a single, relatively narrow subject such as a country, a single appellation, a single varietal or type of wine, retailing, wine tourism, one aspect of the business of wine or any other narrow focus that seeks to consistently illuminate that specific single subject. 2) Should demonstrate a command of, or expertise in, the single subject upon which it focuses. 3) Should be among the best sources of information in any genre for information on the chosen subject matter.

  • sipofspokane

    Thanks Stacey (formally of Spokaloo)

  • To my dismay, I didn't run across the enormously funny writing of Ron Washam and his viciously brilliant send up of pretension and self importance, whether he finds it in wine or the blogging thereof. The great news is that I have an entire archive of entertainment to read.

    I nominate HoseMaster of Wine for an award I am confident he doesn't want.

  • Cesar

    I would sincerely like to nominate … These guys have given The Best Wine Industry People Interviews.

  • alisonroberts

    I nominate a super blog with a catchy name – Sip of Spokane. Laurie Ross is passionate about sharing Spokane's wine culture. She is reliably in the know, and I consistently click on Sip's blog to get my info. on local wine and events.

  • ronwasham


    Thanks for the nomination, very kind of you. I wonder, though, why this category and not, say, Best Writing?

  • Samantha Dugan

    Ron I was thinking the same thing. I kept checking the Best Writing category for your name and was freaking out that no one had put you there….and as to my promise not to, might have to break that as you so deserve to be in that category.

  • Another great single subject wine blog is

    Shannon and Courtney are doing some of the best work out there to bring exposure to one of the “other 46”

    Keep up the good work guys

  • Kim

    Josh from has done a great job in Spokane and promoting the local scene. He does weekly wine events and has reviewed 10 of the 16 local wineries and several wine bars too. I look forward to his posts on our area.

  • Gabriel

    I like Spokane wine focus. He brings a good mix of Spokane, fun posts, and other wine reviews.

  • I Nominate JOSH WADE from “DRINKNECTAR.COM” from Spokane Washington.

  • lonecanarywinery

    WE nominate Josh Wade of!

  • Robert Karl Cellars
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  • Andrea

    I nominate Sip of Spokane for Best New Wine Blog. Check the blog and you'll know why! Great information for newbies but sophisticated and informative enough to keep the connoisseurs coming back! My ultimate reference for wine. Laurie is terrific!

  • sipofspokane

    Thanks Andrea for the nomination, as well as, for following SIP.
    Think globally, drink locally.

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  • You were less damning of this award category than the Best Writing category in your recent entertaining send up of the Wine Blog awards.

    I was so close to nominating you there, but I didn't want you to feel I was insulting you.



  • Thank you!

  • sipofspokane

    Thank you.

  • Thanks, Tracy. Not sure why the hyperlink didn't work, but it's:

  • Jim Budd's Loire-focussed blog – posts very frequently, several times a week and gives high quality independent information. All Loire Valley aficionados swear by this blog.

  • I nominate My Wine Education for this category.

  • lorisowl

    I nominate Sip of Spokane for the 2010 Wine blog awards.. I love the interesting spin on local wine as well as the “Sip Trips” to various wine makers in Washington. I always go tot he site to whats happening in the wine world in Spokane.. I try recommendations as well. I am a Red Wine drinker mostly the blends.. I love the Robert Karl Claret.

  • Dionne

    the Sip of Spokane Wine blog is awesome. I love the focus on local wines, so when I am heading to the store to purchase Sip recommendations help me choose local wines and try new wines with confidence. I like to support the Spokane and Washington wine industry with my purchases. Sip makes me smart about my choices. I also love the events for local wine tastings and live music combos. I frequently check Sip to see what is happening when I want to do something fun. Sip's wine blog is entertaining, educational and very helpful! Thank you Sip for teaching us to buy local wines…. You are the Best Wine Blog for 2010 – I choose you!

  • sipofspokane

    Thanks Lori and Dionne. You are both too kind.

  • Laura DM

    I nominate My Wine Education for this category because Michelle make wine accessible for inexperienced Cincinnnatians/Midwesterners. Anyone, regardless of how unfamiliar they are with wine, can feel comfortable, learn, and not feel like someone is talking down to them when they read this blog. As far as wine blogs go, it's one of the best. This blog is a great asset to Cincinnati.

  • Cynthia focuses on Alsatian wines. Based on the way it looked at the beginning, it was originally intended to simply provide good, solid information on the wines of Alsace. However, as the information side nears completion (it looks like it's almost there), there is more commentary in the style I expect from a good blog.

  • barristerwinery

    I would like to nominate SIP OF SPOKANE ( as the single categoryWine Blog of the Year. They consistently do an amazing job of informing their followers of what is happening in the Spokane Wine Scene – and it is so much more than anyone would know without subscribing to the blog. It is consistent, timely, informative, fun and interesting

  • I nominate My Wine Education for this category.

  • goodgrape

    Tim Lemke from

  • rogerrhodes

    I nominate for the information on the diverse wines of Italy. Tom Hyland does a great job of bringing the wines and the vintners to his readers.

  • I'll nominate Mike Duffy's

    Hey, and if anyone is into Lodi wines, consider my site:

  • Alexandra Christodoulopoulou

    I would like to nominate Markus Stolz' site. It brings greek wines closer to the consumer, offers a lot of valuable insight and information. It's a gateway to a new wine segment, that seems to be underrated and under-represented. I hope they keep up the good work. Definitely most innovative wine blog for 2010.

  • Aaron Estes

    I would like to nominate “The New York Cork Report” at
    This site is very informative and a go-to source for all things involving New York wines.

  • Luke Porter

    I'd like to nominate Washington Wine Report, New York Cork Report and Michigan by the Bottle.

  • I'd like to nominate Winery Web Site Report. As a small wine producer, it's provided a wealth of information for me and given me some great ideas.

  • I'll nominate Bob Dwyer's

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  • Leslie

    great coverage of Washington wines at
    They cover the little guys as well as the big ones. I like how they try to tell the story behind the wine. They also have several authors with different palates and perspectives. Ed is great and hilarious, wish he posted more.

  • Bill Goldstein

    I'd like to second rogerrhodes' nomination of Tom Hyland's blog . Not only is Tom's site an invaluable source of information about Italian wines in themselves, but Tom puts the wines into context by profiling the people, describing the places and terroirs, and relating the relevant history. This sort of context helps wine become an intellectual experience as well as a sensory one.

  • Matthew

    The Southern Oregon Wine Blog!
    Great news and reviews for a soon-to-be wine powerhouse.

  • As an online marketer for wineries, the Winery Web Site Report ( is the place I go to find out what's real, what's hype, what's necessary, what's coming up next. Great writing, very professional.

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  • Peter Reutter

    How about my website as one of the main sources for any information about Madeira wine?

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