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Nominate Now: Best Overall Wine Blog

by Allan on April 1, 2010

Please nominate a blog for this award by adding a comment below. Criteria: 1) Should continually produce entertaining and educational information. 2) Should contain well-written prose and well produced posts. 3) Should demonstrate independent and original ideas and insights. 4) Should be of such high quality overall it can compete with any other wine information resources in any other medium. 5) Should be able in its overall form, content and presentation to advance the reputation of the wine blogging genre.

  • I nominated you here because I didn't want to see any nomination effort wasted. I don't know of a magazine is a blog, but Palate Press is much more than a mere aggregator, relying on original material for content.

    I can safely say that all content benefits from good editing, and the posts on Palate Press are better for the publishing process normally associated with a magazine.

    If my praise felt faint, that is more owing to my desire to find a better category fit than anything to do with Palate Press itself.

    I thought Best Industry might be a good fit, but it really wasn't.

    In spite of your suggestion that Palate Press has yet to launch by setting that date in the future, you can't fool me and I suspect that you were trying to convey that Palate Press launched September 10, 2010. As such, it turns out that my effort to play the role of good Samaritan were unnecessary, and led only to make you think I don't love you.

    I do, I do, I do love you truly Palate Press.

    Seriously, I read Palate Press regularly, looking for many voices in one place.

    I would have added you to my blogroll like I did all of the other Best New Wine ZBlog nominees, but you were already there.


    John “not likely to get a story approved by Palate Press” Cesano

  • Joe, thanks for the nom & the kind words…

  • Joe, Thanks for the kind words & the nom

  • Mary, thanks for the kind words & for the nomination..

  • Debbie, thanks for nominating my blog..

  • Mary, thank you for the kind words and for your support…

  • Andrea, thanks ever so much for your continued support…

  • rogerak
  • It has to be for me!


    Informative and the videos are a nice touch

  • Angela

    Fantastic and very helpful as im a chef

  • Thank you, Andre!

  • cusmynet

    Not just a Blog…
    Italian wineries, wines, guides, information and press…

    I couldn't find anything better

  • I nominate My Wine Education for this category.

  • Thank you John, for your kind words, and don't underestimate yourself. Send us a story some time.

  • Collette
  • I nominate My Wine Education for this category.

  • hardywallace

    Jon Bonne has to be considered here
    The Cellarist

  • Thanks, dad!

  • I nominate:
    the writing is witty, informed, and consumable.
    Opinions are diverse, educated and more about wine character than just opinion.
    I've been tasting with Alder before, albeit many years ago-way before vinography's birth. He really enjoys the adventure.

  • Good call.

  • sarahjanemcintosh

    Fearless and funny:

  • Tyler Alford
  • philanderson

    All of the criteria cited above can be found at I have hope of my wine blog to be as organized and information driven as this one is.

  • Mike Barber

    Finally- a wine blog from a knowledgeable person who has actually tasted the great wines of the world, studied and passed through certified wine courses, and is deeply involved in the wine business. Fun and informative- I vote for :

  • anonymous – it is very insightful and witty!

  • Luke Porter

    I'd like to nominate Michigan By the Bottle and the New York Cork Report, two of my favorite “drink local” blogs.

  • Nick A.

    Another nomination for A daily read for me. He rocks!

  • by Ed Thralls. A great independent, non industry blog that continues to entertain and education me as a consumer.

  • I would like to nominate Palate Press, online wine magazine, at Through regular posts and top guests, this is an outlet for information and fun. I always look for fun!

    I also think New York Cork Report deserves special recognition for excellent writing and focus on a particular region and industry.

  • I agree with Lisa. Bricks of Wine is a great source of regularly posted and timely information addressing all matter of topics affecting the wine industry and those who love it.

  • Michelle Rose

    I would like to nominate – the posts are extremely well written, and speak to the consumer as much as the wine “geeks.” The posts range from interviews, understanding your consumer, pairings, with some seemingly unrelated current events. The overall tone is that of unpretentious ongoing education and exploration into the world of wine, with a dash of well placed humor.

  • Anders Knudsen

    Hi, I nominate Uncorked in Calgary at

    It's a blog on a daily newspaper website in Calgary, Canada, and contains a general mix of interviews, news, reviews and more.

  • Thank you David. That is very kind of you. For the judge's information, we have posted more than 450 stories since our launch in September.

  • Eric

    Steve DeLong's blog off of his website. Wow, really.

  • Life would not be replete, and if fact utterly dull without…yes…

  • Jodi
  • Polarpeeps

    I nominate

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  • tkoby11

    The Overall Wine Blog is:

  • Thanks Frank!

  • John
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  • Meiklehome
  • Alice Feiring. Although it may seem that Alice is a specialist in all that is natural, her blog is beautifully written and it is not all bad to have a point of view.