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2010 Wine Blog Awards Nominations Closed – About the Process

by Allan on April 8, 2010

The 2010 Wine Blog Awards nomination process is now closed. Interested to know a little about the process?

Nominations were given by commenting on each of eight blog posts representing the eight award categories. We had 813 comments in the one week nomination period with a total of 331 nominations for the eight award categories. Pretty good involvement.

The award category with the most comments (343) and nominations (70) was the Best New Wine Blog. This was in part because of the many new blogs that have entered the scene in the past year and in part because of the enthusiasm of those blog writers (and readers). Best Industry or Business Blog had the fewest comments (26) and nominations (18). This is still a good number of blogs to consider.

Many of the blogs were nominated multiple times and this, by far, happened the most in the Best New Wine Blog award category. This was in spite of the directions, that said “Blogs need only be nominated one time to be eligible. Please read the previous comments in an award category as there is no need to nominate a blog that has already been nominated.” I’ll take partial responsibility for this. I posted this direction in the overall blog post about the nominations – next year I’ll post it in each individual award posting so it can’t be missed.

Next year, too, we’ll probably make it clearer we would like those who nominate to take responsibility for making sure the blog they nominate meets minimum qualifications, such as minimum number of posts.

We also had a good number of European blogs nominated plus a couple from Australia and at least one from Asia and one from South Africa. There might be more – I didn’t check each blog to see where it is located. This breadth is in line with our goal of making the Wine Blog Awards more international.

In summary, this was a very open process with lots of participation. The nominated blogs now go on to our panel of 11 judges. In the first half of May, we’ll announce the five finalists in each category and you, the public, will be able to vote on your favorite from May 17-23.

– Allan Wright, Zephyr Wine Adventures on behalf of the Wine Blog Awards